Coaching is all about making someone a better person, and inspiring that person to take actions for a greater life. And I believe that while I am lifting you up to achieve more of what you want, we can help more vulnerable people who don’t have access to that privilege.

The proverb ‘Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime’ resonates with me. I myself was born into a very modest family, but I have always believed in the power of learning how to get what you want. And I know what I am talking about. I have been there.

That’s why I decided to give 10% of my coaching revenues to Opens Arm To Kayseri Charity (#oakcharity) whose main mission is helping Syrian refugees that have lost everything, including family members, to stand on their feet so that they can create a better future for themselves. The charity is based in Turkey in the city of Kayseri. It welcomes Syrian refugees from the war zones and provides them with the first necessities like food, clothes and a shelter to live. More importantly, the charity works hard to educate young Syrians so that they can reintegrate the school system and go to College one day. It also teaches women and mothers to knit clothes that they then sell to earn their own money. Despite all the challenges, the charity has a strong focus on supporting them to become self-sufficient so that they can support their families and survive in a new country.

The co-founder Narjice Basaran says « What we do is encourage women to work so that they feel empowered to earn their own money ».

On my personal journey, I have been lucky to meet people who gave me a hand. And now, I have decided to return the favor to people in need. That’s what I call the chain of solidarity, which consists in receiving from someone when you need and giving back to someone else in need. When I watch all these poor Syrian refugees that were forced to leave with nothing except their hope in life and their faith in God, I can’t help but think “This could be my mum with her family…or what’s left of it”.

We Can Do This Together

In my coaching practice, I bring awareness to give back and be grateful so when you decide to board on a new journey with me, you are automatically helping a vulnerable one boarding on theirs. And just so you know, you have already putting a step into your personal transformation!