My Clients

My clients are primarily—but not restricted to—busy professionals in the financial industry, working in areas such as the City of London or Wall Street in New York. They are de facto high performers, and if they do not feel this way yet, they aspire to it. They usually struggle with a lack of energy, constant fatigue, stress, unclear mind, communication issues, jet lag, unhealthy diet and bad habits, sleep problems, weight gain, lack of concentration and focus, finding a purpose to their life.

My PASSION and OBSESSION is to help them optimise their health to deliver excellent performance, and still have time to enjoy their lives. Life is too short to dedicate it solely to success in your career, and to neglect other areas of your life.


Thank you very much for the amazing session with you today. I can genuinely say this was the most impactful coaching session/ conversation I have ever had.
i've have sessions with many psychotherapists, coaches, doctors, psychologists and other professionals and none were as effective as you at seeing and engaging with my issues and helping me achieving insight and thus some resolution. I told the friend with whom i met later that meeting with you had "blown my mind" in relation to what you managed to do for me in the time we had and with such incredible insight, intuition, wisdom, and skill. Many thanks indeed for letting me benefit from your world-class coaching.
-Sebastian, University Lecturer

I had lost a bit of direction over the winter months and felt that I wasn't as on top of various things in my life as I wanted to be - but lost the motivation to necessarily tackle them! Being able to work with Latifa provided me with structure to focus and prioritize and identify small, achievable goals that were not too overwhelming for me to deal with each week. Latifa was fantastic at getting me to focus on just 1 or 2 things a week...and slowly I started to make steady progress, see improvements and feel more energized and self-motivated. All the sessions were so positive and Latifa encouraged me at every point along the way. I am now feeling more able to self motivate myself and being more consistent in chipping away at the things that I know I want to improve and address!
-Tracy, Managing Director
I came to Latifa because I wanted three things (1) Gain my energy back, (2) Have a six pack abs and (3) feel more confident to launch my business. But I did not want any drastic change in habits that I would not be able to sustain. Latifa was immediately reassuring. She gave me advice, recipes and exercises to reach my physical goals. I really liked the very customized approach. I could easily integrate them in my day to day routine and I started to see results after 4 sessions. With regards to boosting my self-confidence, Latifa was absolutely amazing. She got me out of my comfort zone and "fed" me with the mental strength to go for my dreams. She helped me face my inner obstacles (emotional and mental) that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. I can't describe how powerful that was for me. And she was always a holding hand in that process, very supportive and I expressed my highest potential. All the changes happen smoothly and my friends and family noticed the changes in my body and my attitude. Her coaching has met my expectations and BEYOND! I definitely recommend Latifa as a coach. She is a very good listener, she knows how to identify what works best for you and she will change your life!
- Bourry, CEO and Founder
I had the privilege to have Latifa as my personal coach for a few weeks in 2016. I found Latifa very committed as a coach and very personable. I felt very comfortable with her non-judgemental approach. She sought to understand the challenges I faced in being my best self and was able to propose strategies to assist me to achieve my goals. She is an excellent coach and have no reservations in recommending her!
- Jivaan, Lawyer